Are you as surprised as I am that Two and a Half Wrestlers has put out another episode? This latest episode has a return from the very only Pat Buck! What are you waiting for? Check it out!

Listen to the podcast: Episode 79 – Questions

Two and a Half Wrestlers is back with a brand new episode. Episode 78 discusses a variety of things, but that’s not what makes it special. This episode, they have a surprise co-host joining them. Curious who it is? I guess you’ll have to listen and see!

Listen to the podcast: 78 – Surprise Co Host !

Joey Ryan has once again treated us to a video from the unseen Wrestling Retribution Project that took place two years ago. Check out the tag match up above, as well as the one we previously shared. Be sure to visit the video on youtube to read up on all the fine details about how this storyline came to be, and what it’s about.

A brand new episode of Two and a Half Wrestlers is out now. The episode is titled “Dumpster Championship Wrestling???” but there are no further details given. What could that be about? Guess you’ll have to check out the podcast below.

76 – Dumpster Championship Wrestling???

Two years ago, Kevin participated in Wrestling Retribution Project. With a set release of 2012, no one truly knows what is going with the project. Katz has gone silent on it. Thankfully, through the greatness that is Joey Ryan, we’re able to watch one of the matches that was taped for the project. You can now watch and enjoy Joey Ryan as Chase Walker vs Kevin Matthews as Bobby Hollywood.

Be sure to read the information below the video on youtube to learn tons of things about the story behind the video!

For the first time since October 2011, Kevin has taken a booking outside of Pro Wrestling Syndicate. On December 20th 2013, Kevin will be wrestling at Superstars of Wrestling in Parlin, New Jersey. At the show, Kevin will be wrestling former WWE Superstar, Matt Striker, for the first time despite knowing each other for the past 14 years.

The show will also feature former and current WWE, Impact Wrestling, and ECW talents from around the country and will be taking place at Knights of Columbus at 775 Washington Rd, Parlin, New Jersey. Tickets are only $20, so you truly have no excuse to miss this show.

For more information, visit Superstars of Wrestling on facebook.

This new episode of Two and a Half Wrestlers is a very intriguing one. This week, the boys talk about Sunny, and glove nelsons. Yes those are a thing! Check out the podcast below.

74 – Sunny Shit Eater & Glove Nelsons !

Thanks to Get Lost Photography we’ve got photos of Kevin Matthews from his match at Pro Wrestling Syndicate’s Rahway Retaliation event. At the show, Kevin and Devon took on the team of Alex and Kyle Reynolds. Unfortunately, the match was ruined once again by Arkham. Head over to the gallery to check out the photos from the show!

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With this weekend’s shows in the book, and the new guy Arkim causing nothing but trouble for Reality Check, the match that PWS has set for the November 16th event Wrestle Bowl was no surprise to say the least.

At Wrestle Bowl, Kevin will be teaming with not only Reality Check member Devon Moore but also PWS Heavyweight Champion and undefeated Bonesaw to take on The Reynolds Brothers, Alex and Kyle, and new wrestler Arkim.

The show is set to take place at the Center Circle 1255 Main St in Rahway, NJ. The show starts 8pm with an autograph session at 6pm. Be sure to go check out this wild show!