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Kevin – The Official Website of "Too Cocky" Kevin Matthews

Apr 7, 2013

PWS Supercard 2013 Night One Results

PWS Title Match: Kevin Matthews vs Colt Cabana

Matthews informs Cabana that “this isn’t Ring of Honor, bitch! This is my house!” to which Cabana replies “I got fired from Ring of Honor! I got fired from WWE, I got fired from ROH, I got fired from TNA…” and then Matthews says “Hey, I got fired from WWE too!” The crowd reacts with a “you got fired!” chant that I guess is a babyface pop for both guys. Matthews lays in a couple of hard shots, but Cabana does some of his European stuff and rolls him up for 2. Cabana catches a boot, trips Matthews, and gets him in a side headlock. Matthews headscissors his way out, Cabana maneuvers his way out of the hold and sits on Matthews’ face for 2. Matthews seems frustrated and rolls out of the ring to catch a break while the fans chant for Matthews, who drags Cabana under the bottom rope and chops him. Cabana gets Matthews in a headlock and takes him around the ring so fans can rub his head, but Matthews shoves Cabana off into the barricade and rams his face into the ring apron. They go back inside as Matthews continues the punishment, choking Cabana in the corner with his boot and then snapmares him and gets a standing Dragon sleeper. Cabana escapes that, but eats a leg lariat and Matthews covers for 2. Matthews casually goes to the second rope, but leaps right onto Cabana’s boots, and Cabana starts his babyface comeback, unloading with jabs and the flip, flop n’ fly. Cabana hits the Flying Apple, punts Matthews headfirst into the second turnbuckle, then covers for 2. Cabana measures Matthews and goes for the lariat, Matthews blocks that and runs to the ropes, but runs right into a flying butt butt that gets 2 for Cabana. Cabana signals that he’s ready to put Matthews away and goozles him, but Matthews breaks out of that, trips Cabana, and curb stomps him for 2. The fans start a Super Dragon chant even though Matthews appears to be marginally taller and more mohawked, and Matthews also appears to hit a twisting Flatliner for 2. Cabana connects with a series of chops, but Matthews hits another twisting Flatliner and holds the tights for the win.

Winner: Kevin Matthews

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