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Kevin – The Official Website of "Too Cocky" Kevin Matthews

Rant #1 2.27.14

When my lovely webmistress Candice Jarrel revamped I wanted to do something special for this site, something exclusive, something that would actually MAKE people want to come to an individual’s website in the year 2014. So I went with the one thing that I’m known best for and that’s my mouth/words/rants ect.. Now I know I have the podcast along with Buckeroo & Jewman (Hi Jamie) which we TRY to record each week, and I love getting to rant and vent a ton of frustrations on our podcast but to me this will be more intimate, more personal if you will because it’s my site and it’s just good ol’ me.

Throughout these rants as I love to call them you will find roughly around 200 grammatical errors because to put it bluntly my spelling is as good as One Warrior Nations wrestling. While I’ll never be an English teacher I promise I will do my best to not come across like a 1st grader writing this.

As I write my first rant I don’t necessarily know the direction I’m going to go in. I plan to plug upcoming shows as well as touch on certain issues that either I didn’t get to on the podcast or that just recently came up.

Today is technically Thursday but to me its 1:37am on Wednesday night, Tomorrow night is the Superstars of Wrestling show run by Terry Banner. The show takes place in the Knights Of Columbus located at 30 Crescent Avenue, Spotswood, New Jersey. At this event I will take part in a Triple Threat match against Mario Bokara & Pat Buck, both whom I’ve known for over a decade each but will be wrestling for the first time respectively. I actually requested this match as these are two guys I’ve wanted to wrestle for a long time and I find it very hard to believe that if Pro Wrestling was the UFC we wouldn’t get the FOTN bonus.

The next night I take on Craven Varro a PWS student whom I tangled with once before in one of my favorite matches in recent memory.. This kid can GO! One of the “Original 12” as I like to call them who has been with the PWS wrestling school since day 1 back in Summer of 2012. Keep in mind this kid lives in South Jersey, literally WALKING distance of the CZW Wrestling school but opts to drive 2hours each way to train at PWS instead!!! Clearly made the right choice, and the PWS faithful have really taken to him too. Now I will be the first to say it, I never thought the “Metal God” gimmick would get over, I actually suggested (because I’m such a fucking mark for it) for him to do a full blown “Walker” character out of the Walking Dead. No one can be right every time and in this case I’m glad I was proven wrong as the kid got himself over, at one show the fucker actually OUT SOLD me in Merch! Nothing but respect for him and I have every intention of going to war come Saturday and letting the fans know they saw something special. Not sure if we’ll take that fantasy FOTN bonus as Pat Buck goes one on one with Sonjay that same night.

Speaking of PWS students, I think a lot of people look at those three letters “PWS” next to the word “Student” and automatically assume “shitty”, “green”, “inexperienced” which for OTHER wrestling schools that MIGHT apply.. BUT Not at PWS. Now I know people can read that and roll their eyes like I’m painting up PWS to be the almighty untouchable golden wrestling school and in a way I am because in a way .. IT IS! In 14yrs I have never seen a lockerroom more united, I have never seen guys and the 3 female students take Pro Wrestling training SO seriously. There is not a trainer on the East Coast better than Pat Buck. To fully understand the picture I am trying to paint you would have to come down and see it for yourself. Not to be sidetracked from what I was originally getting at with the outside perception of what people think when they hear the word “Students”, I would hand pick 5 of the top PWS students and put them in the ring with ANYONE, that’s how good these guys are. Truth be told a bunch of them are already WAY more technically sound that I am right now. I watch these guys one outside shows with “veterans” and these kids fucking smoke them, they look better, move better, wrestle better, have better attitudes, know MORE and the list goes on and on. So when you hear the word “Students” don’t be so quick to cast an opinion but you actually watch these kids go. However if you hear someone say “I’m a Johnny Rodz Student” you have EVERY right to cringe.

Now going from one topic to another that couldn’t be further from what I was just talking about.. Several chicks at my club I work at (when I’m not touring the world or maybe just India & New Jersey) have asked me about my love life and why I don’t have a Girlfriend. Truth be told, I might be un-dateable. It seems as though I can’t find a normal chick or maybe I just convince myself I need a wrestling chick because that’s what I’m so used to. I believe I have had 4 wrestling relationship which obviously none of them have worked out. Two of the 4 were completely BAT SHIT crazy and not in that cute “aww baby you so cwazzie come over here and give me some suga” kinda way.. Mine were more so into hallucinating and “seeing things”. One of the 4 cheated on me religiously and broke down crying one day saying she cheated on me to which I replied with “how many times 1?” to which she said “no” to which I then said “2” and kept going till I said “more than 10” to which she said “yes it was a mistake”. I thought making a mistake was forgetting to lift up the toilet seat when you take a piss or leaving the milk out on the counter apparently we had different views of a “mistake”. The other one was Krissy Vaine who I was with for 2yrs (1yr in NC & 1yr in GA) which for the most part I look back and can say that was by far the best relationship I’ve had In my life hands down. I don’t have any feelings or any of that jazz for her as we mutually parted ways at the end of 2006, but can compare that to all of these other horrific relationships I’ve had and say “wow, that was a good relationship”, no bad blood still to this day, She’s married now, doing well and I sincerely wish her all the best with her life.

Continuing along to what I was just talking about I just turned 31yrs old, as a matter of fact I turned 31years old while I was in India which was beyond fucking cool! So I just turned 31years old and I find myself at a standstill in my personal life, I know I’m not an ugly dude as I have girls contacting me all the time but I find myself always looking for a reason to not want to pull the trigger and I can’t really explain why which is weird. I don’t HATE being single, it’s actually quite fun but sometimes late at night when you reach over and you start dry fucking your body pillow it tends to get weird ya know? So far this year has exceeded all my expectations from landing my first International Tour to India to taking on a schedule working for several other promotions (SOW & WPW). I’m real optimistic in 2014 and have a very good feeling going forward that something big is going to happen.

I’m starting to get a little sleepy now so I’ll wrap this up. Sorry if I started getting a little Dr.Phil-ish during his rant but I came into this unprepared and just flowed with what popped up in my head first. If you guys and girls enjoyed it please shoot me some feedback whether it be through Facebook or Twitter. Or if you want to direct email me do so at

Thanks for Reading my rant everyone,